Religion & Culture

People from different religion and social practices of Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist have created a composite culture of the state which is called Kashmiriyat. Kashmir comprises of Kashmiri Pundits, Kashmiri Muslims and Gurjars.

Over the centuries saints, seers and followers of all religions have come to Kashmir and left it richer, more spiritually robust. Jammu and Kashmir is dotted by both natural and man made religious pilgrimage sites. Shrines of all faiths exist in a good number here, symbolizing the spiritual and secular character of the Region. Hundreds of Shrines are placed in scenic locations all over UT of Jammu & Kashmir.

It is dotted by innumerable Sufi Shrines, which are held in high devotional esteem by people of all religious faiths. These sacred places, today, have become synonyms of religious secularism and brotherhood and symbols of Hindu, Muslim and Sikh unity within UT of Jammu & Kashmir.