Cultural Heritage

Distinct from the rest of the country, Jammu and Kashmir supports a multifaceted, multi-coloured and unique cultural blend. Not only the geographical conditions of it are different but it can also be set apart demographically, with varied ethnic and social entities, diversity of religions flourishing in the area, different language and cultural forms and heritage albeit with an over-reigning harmony that blends in with the serenity and beauty of the region. One gets dazed by the sheer diversity and richness of art and architecture, fairs and festivals, rites and rituals, seers and sagas, languages and mountains that thrive amongst the unparalleled cultural cohesion, which is exemplary. Culture of Jammu and Kashmir is distinct and diverse, encompassing various habits and lifestyles of the people inhabiting the regions of Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir is the masterpiece of earth's creation and the folk performances of Kashmir are intimately mingled with the moods and movements of the seasons. Likewise, Jammu, the city of temples, also has a rich cultural heritage. Basohli paintings and the rich Dogra architectural heritage are famous country over.